For three decades, our insurance law firm has stood up for the insured faced with an insurance company that has denied, delayed or underpaid their boat or yacht insurance claims. Our tenacious attorneys at Merlin Law Group guide clients through complex insurance disputes every day; that’s all we do.

Yacht Insurance Claim

A yacht is one of the biggest investments you will purchase in your lifetime, and like all other investments, it needs to be protected. When purchasing insurance for your yacht, you expect to be completely taken care of. Learn more about yacht insurance claims, and what Merlin Law Group can do for you when you aren’t.

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Recreational Boat Insurance Claim

Recreational boat claims though all unique, are all too often. Gain more insight into your available boat coverage options as well as some common boat insurance claims. Extensive understanding of maritime law as well as insurance law allows the attorneys at Merlin Law Group to handle your insurance claim with sophistication.

Recreational Boat
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Commercial Boat Insurance Claim

Your commercial boat is your business, but when your commercial boat insurance claim is denied, we want it to be our business. With thorough cognizance in the world of insurance law, the attorneys at Merlin Law Group are highly qualified and committed to retrieving full benefits and entitlements for their clients.

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See the Merlin difference. We use the most trusted experts in examining your claims to ensure the most successful outcome possible.

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New Jersey Insurance Claims

Merlin Law Group's boat and yacht insurance attorneys have the knowledge and experience to get you the compensation you need and deserve when you have damage or a loss. Our insurance law firm has successfully fought for thousands of policyholders across the United States.

You'll soon see why the Merlin Law Group is known as The Policyholder's Advocate®. We have been dedicated to standing up to insurance companies and their corporate lawyers since 1985. At the Merlin Law Group, we handle most cases on a contingency basis, which means we get paid only if your claim is paid.

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Boat Insurance Claim Litigation

These days it appears that insurance companies are more prone to sue you, the policyholder. Reasons for this pertain to admiralty jurisdiction, where the insurance company is attempting to create for itself, procedural advances. In these situations, one advantage the insurance company is attempting to achieve is deprivation of a jury trial.

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We are truly grateful for your help in solving this unfortunate situation. Thanks just doesn't seem enough. We were blessed to find you and will never forget.

–Ron & Melody W.

I want you to know how pleased I am with Merlin Law Group for settling our case against Citizens after they denied our claim.

–Esme S.

Suffering many damages and losing hope of recovering from our insurer was a terrible experience. But thanks to Merlin Law Group and their terrific staff, we did realize recovery for many losses.

–Joe and Margha B.

We are very satisfied with Merlin Law Groups efforts to resolve our insurance issues with the Hartford. They were persistent and the outcome was successful.

–Trina W.