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Since 1985, Merlin Law Group's mission has been to provide efficient and effective legal counsel, service, and advocacy to insurance policyholders and claimants.  Our attorneys are passionate about the rights of individuals and fervently believe insurance companies should be held to their word. When our attorneys enter into discussions or set foot inside of the courtroom, there is no doubt about whose side Merlin Law Group is on. We represent the policyholder. Inside and outside the courtroom, our firm’s attorneys are always seeking Justice for the Policyholder.® In all cases, we are determined to use every ounce of the intellect, creativity, and tenacity that we possess to secure full and fair compensation for our policyholder client.

Merlin Law Group hires highly qualified engineers and experts to ensure accurate, unbiased facts on your insurance claim. This tactic not only provides Merlin Law Group’s attorneys with an abundance of comprehensive details for litigation regarding your claim, but also a sincere distinction from other law firms.  Most of the time Merlin Law Group’s cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis. This means that legal fees are typically paid only in the event of a recovery for the policyholder and we front all out of pocket expenses.

Merlin Law Group represents clients coast to coast and has offices in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California. For answers to your insurance claim questions, please contact Merlin Law Group toll-free at 1-877-449-4700. 

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