Yacht Insurance Claims

Agent Negligence

When purchasing an insurance policy, the insurance company of your choosing will indicate an insurance agent to represent the insurance company to you. It is the responsibility of this insurance agent to clearly outline the insurance policy as well as all optional overage options. Insurance agent negligence may occur during the initial purchase of the insurance policy. Negligence also often occurs after an insurance claim, throughout correspondence over phone calls or letters between the insurance agent and the policyholder. 

Insurance agent negligent cases can be extremely complicated; experienced attorneys like that of Merlin Law Group can be detrimental in settling your negligence claim. Conduct that constitutes an insurance agent negligence claim includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Giving inadequate or incomplete advice on the purchase of an insurance policy
  • Omitting any optional coverage options available to the policyholder
  • Failure to obtain the promised insurance policy
  • Failure to file the appropriate documents regarding your policy with the insurance company
  • Filing of inaccurate information on any forms or application relating to your insurance policy
  • Failure to communicate any changes taking effect on your insurance policy
  • Detainment of premiums for personal gain instead of forwarding payment to the insurance company

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