Boat Insurance Claim Litigation

Merlin Law Group's attorney Jeffrey L. Greyber, Esq., located in the firm's West Palm Beach, Florida office, speaking on a recent trend in maritime insurance. These days it appears that insurance companies are more prone to sue you, the policyholder.

Reasons for this pertain to admiralty jurisdiction, where the insurance company is attempting to create for itself, procedural advances. In these situations, one advantage the insurance company is attempting to achieve is deprivation of a jury trial.

By rushing to be the plaintiff and suing you, the policyholder, the boat insurance company is attempting to advance on you. There are several ways to combat your insurance company, but first and foremost you need defense. You need attorneys experienced in boat insurance, like those at the Merlin Law Group.

Do not accept being sued by your insurance company. There are things the attorneys at the Merlin Law Group can do to assist you. Merlin Law Group attorneys can attempt to realign the parties and make you the plaintiff, they can fight the issue of whether or not you are entitled to a jury trial, and much much more.

This trend in maritime insurance is on Merlin Law Group attorney's radar, and they are fully prepared. For more information, check out or or call toll-free, anywhere in the nation, at 877-449-4700.

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